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Season's Greeting's from J. D. Hall STEM Learning Center Faculty and Staff

Policy for DAEP Placement



A student placed in a DAEP will be provided transportation.

Students will be required to report the Lancaster ISD

Police Department located at 822 W. Pleasant Run Road Lancaster, TX 75146 at 7:15 am and will be transported to JD Hall Learning Center located at 602 E. Second Street Lancaster, TX 75146. The students will be required to ride the bus

back to the Police Department and they will be released at 3:30 pm


Students must serve a minimum of 90% for a mandatory DAEP placement and 80% for a discretionary DAEP placement


Parents/Guardians may have the opportunity to reduce their child's percentage of time assigned to DAEP by participating in district sponsored Parent Connect classes with the approval of the DAEP principal. The DAEP principal has the authority to extend a student's DAEP placement contingent upon the student's behavior.

In deciding whether to order placement in a DAEP, the campus behavior coordinator will take into consideration:

1.Self-defense (see glossary),

2.Intent or lack of intent at the time the student engaged in the conduct,

3.The student’s disciplinary history, or

4.A disability that substantially impairs the student’s capacity to appreciate the wrongfulness of the student’s conduct.

Placement in a DAEP may exceed one year when a review by the district determines that the student is a threat to the safety of other students or to the district employees. The statutory limitations on the length of a DAEP placement do not apply to a placement resulting from the board’s decision to place a student who engaged in the sexual assault of another student so that the students are not assigned to the same campus.  In deciding whether to order expulsion, regardless of whether the action is mandatory or discretionary, the campus behavior coordinator shall take into consideration the four tendencies listed above.