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From a Warm Conversation to Warming Children

Lancaster, TX/Lancaster ISD – A phone conversation turned into a classroom set of coats for one elementary school teacher at Lancaster ISD’s Houston Health Science Technology Academy.
Sheria Linnear teaches second grade and after providing instruction to her 22 homeroom students one day this winter, what she observed left her wanting to do so much more.
“I noticed that quite of few of my kiddos were coming to school on cold days without a coat. I was not sure if they had coats at home or not,” she said. “Each time they came without a coat, the ‘mom’ in me would fuss and remind them they needed to have on a coat, especially since we transition to and from the portable.”
Linnear shared her observation and desire to help with her mother and the phone calls to meet the apparent need quickly begin.
“I asked if she would be able to help me to get coats. She sent out emails to some friends and the next day she told me that everyone was so eager to help.”
Linnear and her mom spent the next two weeks quietly collecting coats. Before long, they had enough coats for each student in her class with a few to share with students in other classes.
Houston Elementary Principal Tatanisha Stevenson-Sparks is ecstatic about the compassionate heart of Linnear and sees that personified throughout the campus in various ways.
“I felt proud that Mrs. Linnear took the initiative to live by our school vision of Honor. Exceed. Serve,” she said.  “Her passion for her students was exhibited through her actions.”