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Lancaster ISD "Attendance Rocks' Parenting Tips


Here are 30 ways to get your child to attend school on a regular basis:

1. Set a time for your student to go to bed, wake up, have a healthy breakfast, arrive at school, and complete his/her homework
2. Make school relevant
3. Work as a team with your student’s school
4. When your student miss school, send a note and call the attendance clerk
5. Visit your student’s school and get to know the principal, teachers, attendance clerks and their friends 
6. Know the school’s attendance policy, the time school starts, the difference between an excused and unexcused absence, and share the information with your student
7. Request online access ‘Parent Self-Serve’ to view your student’s grades and attendance
8. Join the PTA and Parent-Connect at your student’s school Make sure you attend ‘meet the teacher’ night and parent conferences
9. Contact your student’s teachers often and inquire on their behavior and attendance
10. Make sure your student has school supplies, if not, ask for assistance
11. Make sure your student has uniforms, if not, ask for assistance
12. If your student is a bus rider, call the attendance clerks regularly and inquire if they made it to school
13. Talk to your student about truancy
14. Get involved and volunteer at your student’s school
15. Regularly contact the school office to make sure your student is attending school
Encourage your student to take an active role in the school by joining clubs or participating in sports
17. Make random visits to your student’s classroom to observe
18. Teach your child when and how to ask for help
19. If your child is being bullied, teach them to tell someone.
20. Ask your student how you can help
21. Talk to your child about the importance of staying in school
22. If your student is truant, discuss with him or her the reasons why
23. If your student is struggling in school get him/her a tutor
24. If your student tells you he/she is bored at school, talk to them about getting involved
25. Seek a counselor if your student’s behavior becomes, distant, withdrawn, anxious, depressed, delinquent or aggressive
26. Sign up and attend parenting education programs.
27. Plan visits to the doctor or dentist after the school day ends
28. Reward good attendance
29. Be sure that your student knows if he or she skips school, there will be consequences to pay such as losing television or video game time
30. Make sure your contact information is updated at all times