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"Plane" as Day

“Plane” as Day: Learning takes flight at George Washington Carver
6th Grade STEM Learning Center 

While most students can surf the web to learn about planes and aeronautics, students at the George Washington Carver 6th Grade STEM Learning Center can simply step into the hall and see one firsthand.
On Thursday, Nov. 10, students and staff were surprised to see what “landed” at GWC.
Principal Gene Morrow and TAP Master teacher TaTanisha Stevenson took a field trip to Air Salvage of Dallas, Inc. located on Ferris Rd. in Lancaster, TX. They saw hundreds of airplanes, fuselages, propellers, airplane wings, etc. They even saw a canoe.
“There were rows and rows of hundreds of airplanes that had been involved in crashes, etc. Mr. Morrow and I went down the aisles like we were on a shopping spree to pick out just the right fuselage for our students to get excited about here at GWC,” Ms. Stevenson said. “I settled on the one we have now because I liked the tail because it was almost fully intact and it had interesting red suede seats. Plus, there were no fatalities involved in this plane crash. Mr. Morrow agreed. And the deal was done.”
Mr. Morrow spoke to the plane’s owner and found out the following:
The plane was purchased by Mr. Schlosser who lives in Arizona. He purchased it from someone who lived in Chicago, and he had it flown to Alabama to receive a new paint job. Once it was painted, Mr. Schlosser hired a pilot to fly it from Alabama to Arizona. Somewhere over Texas, the pilot experienced mechanical problems and the plane crashed. Mr. Schlosser never used his new plane. Now, the students and teachers at Carver get to use it.
Manufacturer: Piper
Model: PA-28-180
Year Built: 1967
Crashed: 2006

For more information about the exciting things going on at the George Washington Carver 6th Grade STEM Learning Center, please call 972-218-1586