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We appreciate our students and our teachers.  Welcome to JD Hall Learning Center.

Welcome to our Parent Portal for our Lancaster ISD curriculum

What is CSCOPE?
The Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative (TESCCC) includes a team of Education Service Centers that represents all areas of the state.
The collaborative’s goal is to provide a quality curriculum support system to Texas K-12 schools. TESCCC has developed CSCOPE, a comprehensive, customized, user-friendly curriculum support system. In addition to the curriculum, CSCOPE encompasses resources for the implementation, monitors the curriculum and establishes an accountability process to ensure a quality implementation.
The curriculum component of CSCOPE is based on best practice models from top researchers. Lessons are all aligned with the TEKS/TAKS and each lesson meets the highest standards of rigor and relevance.
How do I maneuver the site?
1. The "What will my child learn" section on the left side of the screen is the part that everyone has been waiting on. All of the content that users will access is updated for school year 2011-12.
2. When selecting a content area, grade level, and grading cycle (6- or 9-weeks), the user will be able to access the CSCOPE Unit numbers and titles, as well as the corresponding Concepts and Key Understandings for each Unit.
Where do I find the Parent Portal on the Lancaster Independent School District site?
  •  Look under the Administration tab and go to the CSCOPE sub-menu.
What is the website address?